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“How can a person with “the best intentions” commit the gravest sin?

A meeting will be held at Favor on April 25: “How can a person “with the best intentions” commit the gravest sin? How can one allow oneself to live, having realized this sin? How can life become a path to holiness, and what does this path from hell to Easter include? ?" with the beautiful Alla Mitrofanova!

"Laurel" by Evgeny Vodolazkin instantly became a bestseller, and now a classic. The novel about a medieval doctor is called a continuation of Dostoevsky, a response to The Name of the Rose, criticized for postmodernism and praised for its language. But the main thing in it is the joy of Easter, which in our lives cannot be canceled by anything. The only question is how much we ourselves are able to let this joy into ourselves. “Laurel” is about how love becomes the driving force of the Resurrection. But what is this love in practice? Can a person realize God's plan for himself, even if he takes a wrong turn? And is there an upper limit to the extent to which a person can grow?